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To maintain their position as a leading law firm, Allen & Overy asked us to creatively express their EVP pillars in a bold graduate campaign.

To uphold their confident marketing strategy, we needed to create a campaign that would push boundaries.


Our target audience are students on the cusp of greatness. Allen & Overy are a bold, leading law firm that provide a springboard to the challenges, recognition and rewards these students deserve.

We knew we needed to create a campaign that would embody Allen & Overy’s EVP pillars: together, fearless and for the future. Our campaign would need to speak to adventure seekers at the top of their game - students who would thrive and benefit from the A&O experience.


With a fresh and aspirational visual style, we captured the crucial moment before something amazing happens. Through visual metaphors we represented the feeling of momentum students would experience and conveyed the future-focussed pace of life at A&O.

We produced and tested a number of website prototypes which enabled us to refine the user experience. By reflecting our audiences’ needs and providing clear sign posting to relevant areas of the site, candidates would maintain a sense of wonder from the moment they land on the homepage and begin their candidate journey.

A defining feature of any graduate campaign is the on-campus activity. Through our campus pop up – an interactive quiz hosted on three interactive screens - both law and non-law students had the opportunity to find out more about A&O with integrated case studies, bios and day-in-the-life blogs.


5000 +
Students reach over six universities

94 %
Completed the digital wall journey

98 %
Positive perception of the opportunities at Allen & Overy

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