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In 2017, AXA re-launched their global brand with a new, focused purpose: To empower people to live a better life. With this red thread running through everything AXA do, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to redesign the AXA UK careers website.


They needed to move away from being big, corporate, formal and old fashioned. By focussing more on their customers, talking like real people and being brave and bold, we could create a site that would be simple, human and modern.

Looking at the existing site it was clear that it was out of date and out of touch. While location-based search terms generated a lot of traffic, there was no location specific information on the site and the conversion rate was low.

We needed rich, quality content to help us tell AXA’s story and inspire users. More location-based content would keep people engaged and drive them through to relevant jobs, and a new ATS system would create a seamless job search experience.


Real stories sit at the heart of the new AXA employer brand. They humanise AXA and illustrate how working for them can lead to a better life. We worked closely with AXA to identify ‘hero’ employees with incredible stories to tell. We created unique, compelling content around their impact on the business and the impact AXA has had on them, from rich blog content to a new AXA Insiders platform (which uses Path Motion to let users connect with our people directly and ask questions).

As part of our effort to engage and delight visitors on the website we also created the AXA chat bot; a friendly, down to earth bot who can direct you through the site, answer questions you may have and bring a smile to your face. It lives through both Facebook and on the website, creating a seamless journey across channels and generating conversations with users.

We understand that users’ expectations are constantly changing as technology evolves. So while we’re using standard analytics to monitor the site, we’ve also added usability tracking software to see where users struggled, enabling us to make enhancements based on data.

We’re regularly A/B testing the current content to see what works best and, in turn, we can feed users content that’s more relevant to them. This approach means that we can continue to develop and improve on the website month-on-month.


60 %
overall conversion rate up

5.45 %
applications are up

24 %
bounce rate down

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