Are you EE?

EE are always looking to go above and beyond for their customers. For this reason, they have an on going need to recruit into six contact centres across the UK. EE is a great brand, we hear you say, it should be simple enough?


After doing some in-depth detective work, we discovered that there were lots of misconceptions about what it’s like to work in an EE contact centre. These red herrings were putting people off applying for roles, making it increasingly difficult for EE to attract candidates towards the latter end of 2016.

Alas, what could we do? From our findings we concluded that we must alter the perception of EE as an employer, by creating a brand image that is extremely friendly, fun and supportive.


So, we created a campaign that focussed on the natural behaviours, talents and values of ordinary (or rather extraordinary) people that would fit in at EE. We called it: ‘Are you EE?’

You don’t have to be a technical whizz or a sales pro to work at EE. In fact, there are probably loads of people out there that have all the qualities they need to succeed there – they just don’t know it yet. Being a good fit for EE goes beyond skills or experience. It’s a special something, a magic spark that makes all of EE’s employees truly stand out from the crowd.

To spread this message, we created a large number of bite size boomerang films with snappy headlines. Each film showcased the personalities and overall EE-ness of existing EE employees, whilst shining light on key target audiences including, students, mature workers, parents and part-timers.

By using this technique and putting the Boomerang videos at the heart of the campaign, we created a fresh, effective, fun and exciting campaign that was swiftly produced at a low cost. These boomerangs were rolled out programmatically, across EE’s social channels and hosted on the EE careers site too. What’s not to love?

So in summary

In fact, ‘Are you EE?’ has become EE’s umbrella recruitment campaign and is used to promote contact centre and retail roles in other forms too; a ‘You could be EE’ quiz, a ‘You’re EE’ Snapchat referral campaign and through myth busting blogs about tech & sales roles too.


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