National Grid

Be at the heart of energy

National Grid asked us to reimagine their careers site. To do this, we knew we had to use the very essence of what they do, putting power into the hands of a nation, to inform the design.


Information architecture and UX-design powered our entire site. By compiling audience and competitor research (including 73 unique user stories), as well as developing and testing wireframes, we provided a framework that allowed us to set our creative expression free.


Through the site’s hero imagery, powerful messaging and experiential design, we challenged people to consider a career where they can shape the future of energy.

The use of innovative and interactive design elements helped us to position National Grid as an employer at the cutting edge. Through this considered and inventive digital design, we shifted perceptions of the brand with stimulating user experiences that embody energy.

A refined user experience for everyone.

By presenting personalised content within expanding sections, the site allows each user to deep dive into the area that is specifically relevant to them.

From start to finish, the site puts users right at the heart of energy.


27 %
relative increase in views

39 %
increase in time spent on the site

18 %
increase in return visits

70 %
reduction in bounce rate

58000 +
page views

6500 +

8600 +



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