British Airways

The Customer Service Agent story

British Airways at John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) was experiencing extremely high levels of attrition amongst its Customer Service Agents. 

The airline had no consistent messaging or communication to support the hiring of this role, making it incredibly difficult to find the right people.


To find out more about what this particular role entailed we spoke to line managers and the Head of Operations at JFK, all of whom started out as Customer Service Agents. They gave us a clear idea of what it took to succeed and what new employees should expect. It became apparent that the lack of detail regarding the responsibility of the role was at the core of the problem. It can be a demanding position with long, sometimes unpredictable hours and many people were simply not prepared for this. 


From this insight we developed a messaging platform that told a clearly defined Customer Service Agent story. We communicated the challenges, expectations and requirements while answering the question, “What’s in it for me?”. This platform was put into practice as part of a recruitment marketing campaign that centered on storytelling. The stories demonstrated how as an Agent, you have an opportunity to make a real impact on the lives of customers. We built a microsite to align with this message and provided potential candidates with further detail regarding the role.


The campaign was originally intended solely for JFK, but the collateral has been extended for use across other U.S. British Airways airports. We were able to highlight multiple areas for improvement including revamping the break rooms and classrooms and enhancing the employee experience.


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