J.P. Morgan

Creating a spark on campus

J.P. Morgan needed to overcome the misconceptions attached to technology in the banking industry and attract top talent.

They were looking for people who would traditionally be interested in organizations like Google, Apple and Facebook but struggled to differentiate themselves and appear like a viable alternative. They particularly wanted to appeal to a graduate audience and needed to generate an on-campus buzz that positioned them effectively.


We needed to effectively leverage the existing global EVP for the investment bank, ‘Be part of it’ that we had already developed and iterated for over 10 years. We conducted research internally to understand what this meant to a technology audience. We also looked externally into how we could change the candidates’ mindset and position J.P. Morgan as a viable alternative to traditional tech houses, allowing us to segment the EVP in the most effective way. 


Utilizing the global EVP, we created innovative, multi-media components using language and visual elements that we felt spoke to technologists. Using J.P. Morgan’s secondary color palette, we built a marketing framework that would appeal to the target audience in a fresh and differentiated way. And, we created the first on-campus light installation to engage audiences and build interest.


Our work won ‘Best Innovation’ at the Target, RAD and CIPD Awards along with ‘Work of the Year’ at the 2013 RAD Awards. J.P. Morgan received a substantial increase in qualified applications and acceptance rates went from 30% to 70% in six months. And applications for ‘hard to fill’ roles increased 80% - a fantastic success. 


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